Pattaya Hotels in Thailand – How to Choose the Right One

Pattaya Thailand is often seen as just a footnote in most guidebooks when compared to it’s bigger sister Bangkok. Kind of like Dean Martin is to Bangkok as Jerry Lewis is to Pattaya. Sure you can find a lot of class in cosmopolitan Bangkok, but Pattaya with its humble beginnings in all its glory is more fun in many ways. You see Pattaya started off as a small fishing village. It was until the early 70’s Pattaya morphed into a haven of no holds barred sin and sun that is evident today.

As such most take that 2-hour journey in a taxi to Pattaya as part of a side trip from a much longer stay in Bangkok. And from the highway when the evening arrives you can catch the glitter and glow of Pattaya as she hovers in the foreground with the Gulf of Thailand beyond.

When most travelers and tourist arrive in Pattaya they make the mistake of booking hotels that are directly right in heart of the nightlife action. Areas such as Walking Street located in South Pattaya, a red-light district powerhouse with large concentrations of bars, clubs, go-go bars and massage parlors. Hotels or what should be called roach motels inside of these areas are in horrible conditions with management without a care in the world for their guests. Such establishments in Pattaya figure you’re going to be drunk as hell anyway so why should they care. And since most of these hotels are surrounded by bars, clubs, and drunks you’re going to have a hard time catching a good nights rest, especially if you’re staying there more then a night. And trust me, the noise can get really loud. Just imagine hundreds of bars with their speakers on max.

My advice is to stay about 10 – 20 minutes away from any concentrated areas of nightlife establishments. You’ll find hotels in Pattaya with better rates, rooms and hotel facilities. You can even find lots of self-contained resorts at very reasonable rates.

My second advice is don’t book any super cheap hotels, so please resist the temptation. There are plenty of cheap hotels in Pattaya that charge $15 US per night, sometimes even less. The cheaper the hotel, the cheaper the walls. What I mean is you know most hotel guests will be bringing company or companies back to their rooms. So if you’re confident enough that you’re a heavy sleeper then, by all means, go ahead and try to sleep through it. Otherwise be prepared to hear the goings on of your neighbors. Another huge problem is also most likely your room will have poor air conditioning or none at all. Trust me, air condition is the most important room luxury you will ever need next to the water. Pattaya can get really hot especially during April.

There are plenty of hotels in Pattaya with very reasonable room rates with good clean rooms for $30 US dollars. Even if you could spring $50 US dollars per night you’ll get a great room in a hotel that would cost three to four times as much in the West. Choosing the right hotel is a major factor in the overall experience of a vacation of a lifetime. So choose your hotel wisely for the best vacation in Pattaya that will make your friends envious.